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The best way to check if your candidate data is reliable is to verify it with a government-approved site. Our Database Check service will do just that for you. Our Database check provides high quality candidate checks for your next recruitment.

Database Check

Get a strong, verified candidate in one tap

We know how frustrating it is to find out that the candidate you've found on LinkedIn doesn't have a degree, or that they've been lying about their work experience. With us, all that can be discovered quickly and easily.

Discover the truth of your candidate

The Candidate Report is the most comprehensive, accurate, and confidential background check for employment. Know everything about your candidate before you hire.

The right people for the right job

We have developed the most precise candidate verification process to ensure that you never make an error on your hiring decision again. We match the right people for the right job.

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Our Database check services use previous database information from clients, including credit reports and criminal records. Our team is highly skilled professionals with specific expertise in background checks, global investigations, and Executive Protection.

We provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use background check for all your hiring needs. Our thorough services provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your hiring process.

What Does Dcode Database Check Services Offer?

India Specific Database Check

We offer an India Specific database check service that verifies whether your candidates are eligible for the job they want. With a single click, you can get their details and know if they are qualified or not.

Our India specific database check covers the following services:
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International Database Check

We are one of the best international database check services that combine an extensive global database, including criminal records, compliance data, and regulatory data, to help security agencies and organizations of all sizes.

Our International database check covers the following services:

Office of Foreign Assets Control Check

We’re here to take care of your company’s OFAC compliance, whether you’re the one looking to comply or if you’re helping a client do so. Our services include OFAC compliance checks, OFAC research, and compliance management.

Our OFAC check covers the following services:
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International Criminal Check

We offer a Candidate Database checks service for criminal records. Before you hire, let us help you find out if any criminal records exist on your potential candidates.

Our International Criminal check covers the following services:

International Bankruptcy Check (Individual)

We provide a quick and easy way to verify the status of a particular individual in the international bankruptcy database.

Our International Bankruptcy Check covers the following services:
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US Travel Verification

We verify that the candidate’s visa stamping is valid and there is a travel record for them in the United States.

Our US Travel Verification covers the following services:

Form 16 Verification

We provide Form 16 validation service so you can easily verify that the candidate is the right fit for your company and avoid wasting time on recruiting.

Our Form 16 Verification  the following services:
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CIBIL Verification

Our Credit Background Check is the premier service in providing employers with the necessary tools to screen candidates before hiring. We provide employers with detailed, accurate reports of their candidates’ current and past financial situations so that they can make informed decisions about whether or not to hire them.

Our Customer Credit Information Report covers the following services:

Form 26AS

We understand how important it is to avoid making costly hiring mistakes. That’s why we validate form 26As in just a few clicks, saving you time and money in the long run.

Our Form 26AS Verification  the following services:
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Directorship Check

We offer a range of directorship checks and searches that you can use to discover the facts about the directors of your company. With the information we gather, you can make better decisions for your business going forward.

Our Directorship Check Report covers the following services:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Address Verification.

What are the benefits of using Dcode Research Database Check service?
Our Database check is an advanced and comprehensive database service that provides the entire history of an individual, including any misconduct. Applying this process in background verification helps employers uncover information that could be detrimental to the company.
Our performance-based evaluation process helps in revealing and alerting employers about any critical misconduct by the applicant in the past. While some alerts should not affect the decision of an employer, it is always best to conduct a thorough check on an applicant before making any payments or hiring them.
How do I know if a candidate's background check is valid or not?
Background checks are a necessary part of the hiring process. They help employers to ensure that the candidate they are interviewing is who they say they are and that they don't have any hidden criminal or illegal records.
There are many different types of background checks, such as:
- Address Verification
- Criminal check
- Identity Check
- Employment Check
- Education history
Dcode Research is the leading company in providing record check services to every individual and company. We are dedicated to providing accurate, reliable and prompt services.
Why do companies need to verify their employees' backgrounds?
Background verification is a process that ensures that the people who are hired to work for the company are not a threat to the company's security. This is important because it helps companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google protect their customers and employees.
Background verification is also used in order to prevent frauds from obtaining employment in a company. Some employers require applicants to provide any criminal records they may have before they can be considered for employment. Background verification is also used as part of the hiring process. If a company has an open position, it will ask applicants for their background information so that they know what type of person they are hiring into their company and what sort of risk there may be.

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