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We offer a service that verifies your candidate’s identity, providing a unique and reliable way to verify someone’s identity with the market’s most efficient ID check service.

ID Check

Get a strong, verified candidate in one tap

We know how frustrating it is to find out that the candidate you've found on LinkedIn doesn't have a degree, or that they've been lying about their work experience. With us, all that can be discovered quickly and easily.

Discover the truth of your candidate

The Candidate Report is the most comprehensive, accurate, and confidential background check for employment. Know everything about your candidate before you hire.

The right people for the right job

We have developed the most precise candidate verification process to ensure that you never make an error on your hiring decision again. We match the right people for the right job.

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We provide a service that verifies the provided ID with the respective ID database. It is an easy, quick, and affordable solution that can help prove your Candidate’s Identity Effortlessly.

We are a specialist in providing reliable and authentic identity verification services, including Aadhaar Verification, Passport Verification, PAN Verification, Voters ID Verification, and Driving License Verification.

What Does Dcode ID Check Services Offer?

Aadhaar Verification

The Aadhaar identity verification has become a new standard for identity checks and is not just limited to India. With us, you can use our Aadhaar verification service to verify any candidate who is applying for your company to be 100% sure about their background, age, and address.

Passport Verification

With us, you can verify the information on your candidate’s passport effortlessly. Whether you are hiring a sales executive or an IT professional, We can help you run a thorough passport verification and validate if the information provided by your candidate is accurate and authentic.


PAN Verification

Dcode is an easy-to-use service that helps you verify the information on your candidate’s PAN card. Our service is quick and easy, so you’ll save valuable time without compromising quality. Our service also provides peace of mind – you can be rest assured that the information provided by your candidate is accurate and authentic.


Voters ID Verification

We offer a service designed to verify information on your candidate’s voter ID card quickly and easily. Our team of experts has years of experience in delivering services such as this, and will help you to get your vote verified. The process is simple, and our website is easy-to-use.